Make your home reflect your personality

A personalized hassle-free consulting service. It is sometimes overwhelming when it comes to choosing a color for your home. To make the right evaluations we need to consider several elements: light, proportions, existing décor, and style. Isabella offers her expertise and professional knowledge to help you plan and design the color of your most intimate surroundings.

How it works?

Specific preferences, ideas, and colors will be explored during an in-person home- visit; an informal and relaxed meeting where Isabella, after assessing the space, light, architecture, and furnishings, will propose tailor-made color solutions that will be reviewed together with the client, directly in your home thanks to the color sample cards, along with possible color trials.

At the end of the meeting, you will already have access to an assessment of the quantities needed and a rough estimate.

For more information and costs of our consulting service please write to: