Each Home is a Story. Your Story.

Each Home is a Story. Your Story.

A few years ago, in the heart of the historic city center of Turin, I inaugurated Il Salotto Buono, an intimate, friendly venue that defines my idea of “home”. While redesigning with a fresh look a disused factory, into a unique and innovative experience, I focused my expertise, personal taste, and understanding of materials on the project of creating a “home”, the idea we all share of warmth, welcoming intimacy, and protection.
A sense of bygone days, a certain beauty, a particular light. This embodies the notion of the living room (“Salotto” in Italian”), an almost sacred space within the home, where we entertain our guests, a space that is well looked after, like a precious object. Once you’ve entered this space, it’s almost impossible to forget. And this fond memory can be used as an inspiration, recreating the same romantic idea of warmth and subtle elegance.

The idea of Paint Up originated here, with a careful selection of wall paints, that are easy to apply in any room of your home. Because any room can become a “Salotto” if we think of it as a place alive and to live for our hearts and souls. And little matters if the space is a corridor, a bedroom, or a bathroom. Start with 1 color, choosing from the 46 hues we designed and crafted with artisanal expertise, and follow your heart. This journey will take you very far.

I wanted them to be exactly like this: essential as poetry, romantic as nature, and warm, as the passion for my work. Paint Up’s journey into color continues with HAIKU, a collection of hand-painted wallpapers inspired by a floral composition I custom-designed for the Salotto Buono, the way we call our living room in Turin, Italy.

The wallpapers portray and blend together, in a blooming style, the palette of “Tinte da Salotto”. All hues are warm, textural, and powdery, harking back to the earth and its wonders. The pattern is an interweaving of anemones, berries, and eucalyptus.

The naming refers explicitly to Japanese poems that evoke nature. Literary echoes, faraway places, exotic atmospheres of bygone days. The game of “Carte da salotto” is an evocative interplay of emotions.

HAIKU enters the collection and brings its floral motif among the 46 wall colors. Delicate, never excessive, a bit retro, and deliberately timeless.

The harmony of the right colors and shapes is a mystery that has always fascinated me. Learning its secret formula is my daily challenge. HAIKU is an expression of this quest. My work springs from my glance, vision, and intuition. It is a constant work of insight, creation, and experimentation. Details inspire me. Every element of reality attracts my gaze. An idea blossoms from a single detail and develops into a setting, into a tailor-made project.