Isabella Giunto

I am a passionate, curious, and eclectic southern woman. Torinese by adoption, I’m on a never-ending quest for new influences. My attention and gaze are drawn almost obsessively to color pairings and combinations, an essential quality to give life and harmony to the uniqueness of Paint Up. Each color card is genuine Italian craftsmanship and passion, meticulously planned, dyed, cut, ready to be packed up, and sent to your home. Your precious color choices will embark on a unique journey, from “my home” to wherever in the world they will venture.

For many years, I’ve organized events, and this has made me realize that what people are looking for is to feel at home. My goal is to give any chosen space that warm, intimate, and authentic feel of a home. It is a task that requires an exceptional sense of style, great sensibility, and a deep love for color and shape research along with their secret formula. Good taste is a mystery, the result of unique combinations of encounters, journeys, experiences, and passions. My creative journey began with RAKU ceramics, a technique that bridges the slow process of touch with the rapidity of the eye. The development of the Tinte da Salotto followed a similar journey, a gradual discovery, a necessary point of arrival of a journey that has lasted years, piece after piece, inspiration after inspiration: the first color of the collection is rosa polvere (powdery rose); all the other colors were inspired by the world that surrounds me: my favorite coat, a plate, the sky, a small object, reaching forty shades was not difficult. And this is only the beginning.