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Breathable and with highly sanitizing action water-repellent washable paint. Easy to apply and spread.

Long seasoned lime-based paint for fine interiors. With high sanitizing action, and excellent breathability. Our product perfectly adheres to plaster, concrete, or any kind of mineral surface.

Carte da Salotto

Collection 2022


A collection of hand-drawn wallpapers, a weave of anemones, berries, and eucalyptus.

Carte da salotto

Collection 2021

Delicate and never excessive wallpapers, intentionally timeless.

Water-based transparent single-component protective coating. In combination with Paint Up paints, as a finishing coat for various surfaces in monochrome color. Mix ratio by volume 100 parts Paint Up: 150 parts Easy Coating.

Water-based product, ideal for both consolidating and preparing wall surfaces before using any water-based paint. Our Paint Up Acrylic Fixative has high environmental performance with low VOC emissions (maximum 10 g/L).

Four handy kits with all the tools you need to paint the walls of your home.