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Rosa polvere T7 P.1.100


The first color of our collection. A pink with an antique feel, like whispered words.

Cipria T7 P.1.20


Delicacy, elegance, class. Velvet cheeks and mirror reflections, a feather duster dipped in powder, a promise of beauty. Daydreaming in pink.

Mandorla T3 P.1.20


Inspired by the discreet yet protective shell of the almond fruit. Both soft and bold, a natural color with a strong personality.

Rosa mou T3 P.1.100


Freshly bloomed petals and soft caramel, sweet memories, and childlike happiness. A color to be savored with the eyes.

Melograno T19 P.1.110


Pomegranate, a bold never monotonous color that brings back pastoral traditions.

Zucca T26 P.1.110


That color that turns us into princesses.

Dalia T6 P.1.20


An embrace of petals: simplicity and pageantry within a single corolla. A color that instills serenity and recalls the delicate scent of a flowering greenhouse.

Riso rosso T6 P.1.100


The crisp red of whole grains, vivid and pleasant like a caress, color in motion.

Rosa canina T31 P.300


Rosa canina