Ardesia calce T12 C.1.30


Blackboard gray, memories of school. Solid stone color, and meanwhile we were learning to write.

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Mineral paint based on long- seasoned lime for fine interiors. Excellent breathability and high sanitizing properties. Adheres perfectly to plaster, concrete, or any other mineral surface.


Uses: indoor and outdoor environments with little to no weather exposure

Product preparation and application:

  1. Dilute the necessary amount for the first coat with 35-40% water. Mix well with metal stick and apply with brush.
  2. Respect the recoating time and dilute with 30% to 35% water for the second coat (add less water than the first coat). Mix well with metal stick and apply with brush. On lime-based plasters, dampen the wall with water and apply the first coat up to 100% for that particular marbled aesthetic effect.

Dry to touch: 2 hours at 20°C.

Recoating: 6 hours at 20°C.

Coverage: 6-8 m2/L for two coats.

Storage: 12 months at temperatures between +5°C and 30°C. Once the package is opened, close the lid tightly and use the product within 6 months.

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Weight 1 kg

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