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I wanted them to be exactly like this: essential as poetry, romantic as nature, and warm, as the passion for my work.
Paint Up‘s journey into color continues with HAIKU, a collection of hand-painted wallpapers inspired by a floral composition I custom-designed for the Salotto Buono, the way we call our living room in Turin, Italy.
The wallpapers portray and blend together, in a blooming style, the palette of “Tinte da Salotto“. All hues are warm, textural, and powdery, harking back to the earth and its wonders.
The pattern is an interweaving of anemones, berries, and eucalyptus.

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Base 60 cm.

Non-woven wallpaper, composed of a mix of cellulose and synthetic fibers.  Light and natural support, with an average weight of about 140-150 gr per square meter, compact, smooth with a slightly opaque finish for a sharp but soft-toned print result.

The surface is not washable unless treated with protective resin.

An experienced decorator and the use of professional glues (Metylan, Mapei) for non-woven wallpapers are recommended.


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